11 in. x 13 in.
252 pages
178 photographs

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Napa, Behind the Bottle is a book of portraits of the Napa Valley community of wine makers, owners and the workers who have made the Napa Valley wine industry what it is today.

Bill Tucker’s photography captures the character of this famous community and the pioneers responsible for some of the world’s finest wines. The photographs are memorable, not just a collection of portraits but rather a series of touching, curious, honest, dramatic and sometimes whimsical images.

While the elements, the textures, the vines and the barrel rooms influence some of the photographs the images remain about the people. The heart and soul of the subjects are captured and exposed in a single moment. When you look through these plates the photographs evoke emotions we all share.

The passion Bill has for photography mirrors his subjects’ passion for making their extraordinary wines. He has brought together for this book the images that most powerfully speak of his personal experiences.

Margrit Mondavi, Vice President, Art and Culture at the Robert Mondavi Winery, has written, “This book is an ongoing art experience. A book that every vintner, every one interested in deep personage study, every lover of art and wine must have and treasure in their library to enjoy perusing and looking at the pictures for a long time, with admiration and affection.”